The book 'Sir Anthony Van Dijck...since 1973' includes photos of the restaurant, extensive interviews with the 3 chefs and owners and short interviews with 8 former employees. In addition, the book reveals the recipes of 15 dishes such as the marinated salmon with chives and lime (which has been on the menu for 50 years), crispy sweetbreads with mushrooms and parsley coulis or crème brulée. Wine also gets a place in the book.

The book is on sale at the restaurant for 49.50 euros.
We can also have the book delivered to your home in Belgium, by transferring 60.00 euros to account number BE 21 2200 5550 0103 stating your name, phone number and correct delivery address.
You will receive the book within+/- 3 working days.

In addition to the book, there is also a limited edition box. The fifty numbered copies of this collector's item includes a calendar with photos of dishes with their recipes, some products made in the restaurant itself: a bottle of coffee liqueur, a goblet of pear and rosemary jelly and a goblet of pickles. In addition, each box contains a unique, numbered artwork inspired by the restaurant's logo and floor by young artist Yanic Nys. Some of his works also adorn the restaurant.

The box is on sale in restaurant for 150 euros.