Gastronomic Menu

◆ Mackerel tartare, Tomato and eggplant

◆ Filet of gilt-head, bouillabaisse coulis

◆ Roast young duck, beans and mushroom royale

◆ Smoked goat’s cheese, mustard and radish


◆ Red fruit “Bourguignonne”, lavender ice cream

4 course menu at €56,00 pp
5 course menu at €67,00 pp

You can opt for this menu prix fixe both at lunch and dinner (per table, moderations possible)


Lunch Menu

Everyday (tuesday through saturday) you can enjoy a three-course lunch (starter, main course, dessert) at €42,00 pp.

This menu varies daily, according to the offer of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

À La Carte

Besides our gastronomic and lunch menu, we also offer a diverse choice of seasonaly inspired dishes.

Explore our menu in the restaurant.